Richard Hoare
St Just In Roseland in Cornwall is the location I have the longest relationship with as a painter . My earliest holidays as a child were spent with my grand parents who lived in St Mawes, a few miles walk round the Roseland peninsula . It was here that I came after Art School and took my early steps into the world after Art School . The elements of tide, season and time of day create a flux like natures breath. In those first working visits I felt this breathing of Nature . Behind all this movement , the constant presence of Light, the ellipse of the Sun across the sky, often setting behind the Monterey pines and sometimes just sensed in the storms, hidden behind grey clouds or at night reflected from the face of the Moon .

It was here, standing on a particular rock, that I experienced the moment when my hand moved faster than my thought and I stepped from Looking to Seeing . I understood that the Space between objects we look at is not empty, it is full of the subtlety of Light. It must be so as this subtlety can not be touched. Only seen or shown between brush strokes .